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Tokenomics Community Talk: dYdX

Tokenomics Community Talk: dYdX

During this week’s community talk, we briefly walkthrough the dYdX tokenomics. Discussing investment catalysts, Protocol improvements, and bring up the value capture and demand drivers. We invite you to follow the conversation as the community dives deeper into the following talking points:

  • Briefly walk through the diagram

  • Utilities

    • soft governance

    • holding tokens to reduce fees

    • psydo staking

  • FDMC

    • lots of tokens to enter the market ~90% over the next 5 years

    • demand for that has to come from somewhere

  • Catalysts

    • Unlocks coming up in January 2023 with quite a lot of tokens potentially entering supply

    • Governance over treasury as revenue streams come to treasury.

  • Demand drivers

    • reduction of transaction fees

    • speculation over revenue streams going to treausury

      • more trade volume more revenue

  • Value creation

    • decentralised trading of perpetuals, leverage etc. with a real order book


Published article:

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Diagram walkthrough:

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