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Tokenomics Community Talk: Perpetual (PERP)

Tokenomics Community Talk: Perpetual (PERP)

During this Community Talk, @arielfliete walks us through the workings of the Perpetual exchange and the PERP-Token with special guest @JHolme5 from We invite you to follow the presentation as the community dives deeper into the following talking points:

What is Perpetual?

  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX) - users have self-custody over assets

  • Perpetual futures (no expiration) & up to 10x leverage

  • Builder-ready composability - other protocols can build on top of the exchange (e.g., structured products, add exchange to metaverse)


  • PERP is the governance token

  • Perpetual supports USDC, FRAX, ETH and OP as collateral

  • The clearing house smart contract manages trading and LPing via virtual tokens

  • PERP holders lock tokens and receive vePERP, which enables them to receive rewards


  • Implemented the voting escrow (vePERP)

  • vePERP improves governance by granting extra voting power to long-term ho

  • vePERP holders can earn referral rewards and 10% of protocol fees (in PERP)

  • Protocol fees will be distributed to users in USDC in the future to improve yield quality

  • Perpetual will increase vePERP utility by requiring it to distribute LP rewards

Value Creation:

  • Liquidity / financial products

  • Market making

  • Composability

  • Deployed on Optimism

  • Uniswap V3 liquidity pools

Value Capture:

  • Trading fees (0.1%)

  • Fees accrue to traders / LPs

  • USDC yield switch


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