Tokenomics DAO Podcast
#29 - Tokenomics DAO Update

#29 - Tokenomics DAO Update

In episode 29, Flo and Lovis walk through the major developments inside Tokenomics DAO. We are completely unaffected by FTX melting down and other web3 drama. We see ourselves as an on-ramp into the space, without the hype, and without get-rich-quick schemes. We help builders and investors cover any gaps they may have in their Tokenomics. We uncover, simplify and share Tokenomics know-how on a level that anyone can understand, without an econ degree. We are growing and evolving what we are doing very quickly.

Show notes:

  • Sign up for our online course if you want a good foundation in Tokenomics FAST! → Intro to Tokenomics

  • Check out the tools we’ve built to help you create better Tokenomics for your project. → Tokenomics Tools

  • Get a sneak peek of our latest prototype - the evolution of our 101 articles, the new github/wikipedia of Tokenomics. → Tokenomics Hub

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Tokenomics DAO Podcast
Tokenomics DAO is a place to explore and collaborate on tokenomics of web3 protocols and blockchain applications. This podcast is one more way we make tokenomics accessible to anyone with an interest in the subject.