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Tokenomics Community Talk: Brave (BAT)

Tokenomics Community Talk: Brave (BAT)

During this Community Talk, Arielfleite walks us through the Brave browser and its Basic Attention Token (BAT). We invite you to follow the presentation as the community dives deeper into the following talking points:

  • What is Brave? A web3 browser with a product stack that could make Google envious

  • What is BAT? The token that rewards user attention for watching Brave Ads

  • BAT Tokenomics: rewarding users, donating to creators, selling ads... pretty cool, but maybe lacking some more utility?

  • Liquidity: the top 1% individual wallets hold 66% of all 1.5B BAT tokens... WTF!?

  • Value creation & value capture: awesome products, creating BAT demand through buybacks from ads revenue


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