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Tokenomics DAO Study Group: How to Execute Large Market Orders in Crypto

Tokenomics DAO Study Group: How to Execute Large Market Orders in Crypto

What is the most cost effective way to go about buying a large amount of tokens? Why is this important you may ask? Be it a protocol, exchange or humble whale; knowing how to execute large orders in decentralised finance can be difficult due to a multitude of different factors that have to be considered such as MEV, liquidity, different exchange models, slippage and price impact to name a few. During this Tokenomics DAO Study Group, Mason Fasco tries to shed some light on this topic. Enjoy!


  • Objective: to acquire large amount of token with lowest price impact

  • How does TradFi do it (trading algos)?

  • How do we dot it in crypto (CLOB vs AMMs and their respective problems)?

  • Onchain methods (TWAMM & Concentrated Liquidity)

  • Other solutions to investigate (Inverse Bonds & rLBPs)


  • Algorithmic trading definition:

  • What is MEV:

  • Front Running and Sandwich Attack Explained:

  • Backrunning in DeFI:

  • Sandwich MEV:

  • TWAMM:

  • Concentrated Liquidity in Uniswap 3:

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