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Tokenomics Community Talk: Convex Finance CVX

Tokenomics Community Talk: Convex Finance CVX

During this Tokenomics DAO Community Talk session, Mason Fasco presents the findings from the published article - Tokenomics 101: Convex Finance. The presentation covers what Convex is, what Curve is, and reviews the Tokenomics of $CVX. Following the presentation, there is a community discussion regarding open questions from the group.

Time stamps to navigate:

00:00 - Presentation

22:30 - Q&A session


Published article:

Diagram walkthrough

Presentation Points:

What is Convex?

  • Yield Optimiser

  • Bribe Marketplace

Curve Primer

  • What is Curve?

  • Why demand for $CRV?

  • Pain Points

Yield Optimiser

  • For LPs

  • For CRV holders

Tokenomics of $CVX

  • Supply

  • Demand

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