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#27 - Proof of Value Token Distribution, DAO Org Structure, & Discord Roles

#27 - Proof of Value Token Distribution, DAO Org Structure, & Discord Roles

Today we are sharing a pretty big update about the org structure of Tokenomics DAO, how we distribute cash rewards to contributors, and how we are thinking about the distribution of token ownership. At Tokenomics DAO we are doing things backward (for web3). We have revenue, but no token yet. Naturally, the token launch is a high priority for us so we want to keep things simple, practice what we preach to our clients, and focus on the core value driver in our DAO: We want to retroactively reward value creation by contributors with ownership in the DAO.

Please listen in to learn our latest thoughts on discord roles. Can we work together efficiently without hierarchy?

If you are part of the Tokenomics DAO this episode is a must-listen, as it affects you directly.

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