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#26 - Tokenomics of NFTs with Rockwell Shah from Starship Guild

#26 - Tokenomics of NFTs with Rockwell Shah from Starship Guild

On today’s episode of the Tokenomics DAO podcast, Lovis is having a conversation with Rockwell Shah from Starship Guild. In the crypto sphere, Rockwell is the co-founder of Starship Guild and Invisible College. He understands the NFT game better than most and is giving us deep insights into the “meta” of the NFT space.

Only about 8% of NFT traders are profitable. How come? What is the game that is currently being played in the NFT markets? And more importantly, what are strategies that may work to make NFT projects sustainable and successful long-term?

Please enjoy this conversation ranging from the Tokenomics of NFTs in general to Art NFTs, as well as, the dream of play-to-earn and the problems that currently plague most web3 gaming economies.

Show Notes:

  • Invisible College -

  • Starship Guild -

  • Tokenomics:

    • is the study of token-based incentive design

    • Tokens create owners, not renters - at least that’s the dream

  • NFTs:

    • What is the game that is played in the Art NFT world?

    • Only if you understand the game, can you correctly identify the incentives driving the market.

    • Club CPG - one of the “realest” NFT Art collections, punished by the market

    • There are probably only 10k heavy NFT traders and maybe only 1-10M people who have ever owned an NFT

    • Because of this global game of Hot-Potato people ask for the meta, they care about the liquidity and are mad when it is wiped off the table.

    • Royalties are not baked into the smart contract layer of NFT trading, it is baked into the exchanges. Some exchanges are not paying royalties anymore.

  • Gaming economy:

    • There are too many value extractors and not enough value creators in the gaming economy of Axie at the moment.

    • Starship built its guild on top of Axie Infiniti and rode grew from 0 to 7M ARR within 6 months

    • Sustainable crypto games are Bitcoin Miner and Neopolis with Neoland

    • The key to a successful gaming economy are: 1) Players want to own the gaming assets 2) Players want to transact the gaming assets to enhance their experience.

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