Tokenomics DAO Podcast
#23 - Tokenomics Bankless DAO with Icedcool

#23 - Tokenomics Bankless DAO with Icedcool

On todays episode Icedcool from the Bankless DAOs Tokenomics Department joins us to talk about how the BANK token is evolving, what the team is doing to increase value accrual and improve liquidity.

Bankless DAO:

Show notes:

  • Value accrual

    • Call option on the future of BANK - like UNI who hasn’t flipped the fee switch yet?

  • Infrastructure

  • Utilities / Engineering Functionality - composing BANK to have new functionality

    • Are you actively seeking out that utility?

  • Value escrow BANK

    • Distribution of value

    • Add time to holding bank

    • Bottom Up vs. top down adoption within the DAO

  • Role of the Tokenomics Guild

    • Proposal / Draft for what to do with Tokenomics

  • Reputation

    • Many are building up skills, yet bDAO only has BANK which can be traded.

    • Any thoughts on non-tradable tokens paired with BANK?

  • Problems with BANK

    • What are the biggest issues the DAO sees with the token / how could the be addressed?

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