Tokenomics DAO Podcast
#17 - Future of Work

#17 - Future of Work

In this episode, we jointly explore how Tokenomics DAO is trying to build the future of work. We discuss..

  • How DAOs are coupling freelancers with ownership

  • Does everyone want to be a principal?

  • Transfer of risk from agent to principal

  • Intrinsic motivation of members vs. employees

Show notes:

Conversation notes:

  • Freelancers in a equity based corporation

  • Outcome based

  • Plannable for corporation

  • Work for multiple corporations (i.e. Uber guy)

  • Freelancer with company backing them

  • What if you don’t want to be a Principal

  • Taleb: alcohol, tobacco and salary

  • Risk of not having a salary and your lifestyle

  • Risk of losing your job

  • Could we have agent roles within the DAO that just complete tasks

  • What does the path from agent to principal look like → reinvest their payout

  • Give ownership away to highest bidder

  • Working with intrinsically motivated people

  • Risk taking of products to hire an agent

    • Principals are the ones taking the risk from agents

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