I think there is an error in the description of how the RBS works.

The treasury assets act as a reserve backing when the price tends lower. They buy up OHM from the market — reducing the supply and increasing the price while giving confidence to OHM holders that there will be a buyer of last resort.

The text in this article says the opposite:

"Specifically, once the price enters the low range cushion, Olympus generates a bid market where anyone can bond assets in exchange for OHM at a discount percentage, with a 5-days vesting schedule"

This would increase the supply of OHM and reduce the price.

The OHM docs mention this — "RBS involves deploying treasury reserves in a downward trending market and selling OHM for reserves in an upward trending market to stabilize price."

Source - https://docs.olympusdao.finance/main/overview/range-bound/

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Thanks for pointing this out! We'll fix it.

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